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Earthwise LST02010 20-Volt 10-Inch Cordless String Trimmer

From the American Lawn Mower manufacturers, we have the Earthwise LST02010 cordless string trimmer. It is a possible buying option when it comes to getting a weed whacker but, what can it do? The features will tell us.


Below, we’ll be discussing the features of the EarthwiseLST02010 cordless string trimmer to know how it works.


Earthwise LST02010 20-Volt 10-Inch Cordless String Trimmer, 2.0Ah Battery & Fast Charger IncludedThis cordless trimmer is built with a brushless motor, a powerful that handles trimmer and edging very well. It has a telescopic shaft and an adjustable handle, you can adjust the height to any level that is best for you and also adjust the handle to a comfortable angle. There is rubber over the handle so you get a firm and comfortable grip. Starting this trimmer is easy as you just have to press a button and it does not make much noise as you work.


With this product, you trim in a very fast way and still get efficient results whether it is light or heavy tasks. The trimmer has a 10 inch cutting width with an auto feed as well as a 0.065 inch nylon line and a spool.


When it comes to edging, trust this Earthwise cordless trimmer to handle it as well. Switching from trimmer to edger is quite simple and with the help of the flip-down steel edge guard, edging is made easy.


This is a battery powered device and it uses a 20 volts 2.0Ah Battery. The battery lasts for about 30 minutes on average, it may not be the best when it comes to runtime but the battery still holds up and when it comes to charging, it charges very fast with the fast charger. Both battery and charger comes with the trimmer, you do not have to pay extra money for any and the battery is covered with a 1 year warranty. You can also use this battery with other Earthwise tools that accept 20 volts.


Every one loves a light weight product, something that is not heavy to carry and does not strain them. Well, that is what this Earthwise cordless trimmer is, lightweight with just 4 pounds of weight. Carrying it around to trim will be easier with its low weight.

  • Lightweight
  • Fast charger
  • Adjustable handle
  • Low noise
  • Affordable
  • Battery life
  • Replacement battery is expensive


This product is loved by customers not just for its functionality, but also because of its durability; some customers attests to using it for years and running. It is one of the best battered powered weed whackers you can get and one good thing is that it is not expensive. You also get a 2 year warranty when you buy this product.