Houston Police’s Stacey Suro Deserves A Police Medal, For Bravery

stacey suro - minutes of mayhem

It’s not often that I read a truly inspirational story about a person’s selfless heroics, but when I do, I don’t rest until I feel I’ve done everything I can, to ensure he or she gets recognised. This lady, 42-year-old Stacey Suro, a sergeant with the Houston Police Department, and a 20-year veteran of the force, is no exception.

No, she didn’t barge her way into a flaming building, to rescue a child. She didn’t jump in front of a bullet, to protect an unsuspecting member of the government.  She didn’t even climb up a tree, to retrieve a scared, adorable, fluffy kitten.

But what Stacey did do, was no less worthwhile, and valiant.

One fine, glorious day, Stacey woke as usual, rose up from her luxurious silken sheets, and saw herself naked in the bedroom mirror. And what reflected back at her, can only be described as a vision of natural, chubby deliciousness. And, in a brave, and selfless act of public service, rather than keep that image of beauty to herself, she opted to share it with the rest of us.

It turns out, Stacey works as a model in the twilight hours. A NUDE model. And, a BONDAGE and FETISH model.  Her modeling name was Tessoro.

Sadly, when the stereotypical police chiefs at the HPD found out about her modeling profile online, they were NOT okay with it.

The department’s conduct policy bans employees from doing anything;

“that would degrade or bring disrespect upon the employee or the department.”

And the chiefs said that having nude photos online qualifies.

Stacey is suspended from her job and could be fired after an investigation. We cannot let this happen people. Since this scandal broke she pulled her profile off the website Model-Mayhem.com, but thanks to the wonders of intense Googling, and, to the wonders of using a search engine, I found some of them. They are posted below.

Enjoy, and please sign my petition…..


stacey suro - minutes of mayhemstacey suro - minutes of mayhem

Neal Mayhem
By Neal Mayhem